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Over 50 years of superior gourmet sweets.

Family-owned since 1964 in Bridgeville, PA, Three Saints Baking Company offers a vast assortment of gourmet cookies for all occasions. Perfect for gatherings, snacking and gifting, our crisp and colorful cookies are crafted with only the finest ingredients.


From festive prepackaged cookie collections to elegant everyday cookies for our soon-to-be-famous Cookie Bar Program, Cookie Crush brand makes every day a little sweeter.


As with its parent company, DeLallo, Three Saints Bakery has stood the test of time. For over 50 years, our bakery has offered a dazzling array of seasonal, everyday and special occasion cookies.

With over 200 varieties and counting, Three Saints Bakery prides itself on both integrity and innovation.


To create our cookies, we use rotary die, wire cutting and deposit methods. Some of our cookies are coated, floated, drizzled or dipped in rich chocolate, while other are filled or topped with featured fillings, such as peanut butter, maple and fruit jelly.


With years of baking experience, Three Saints Bakery carefully selects quality ingredients.

All cookies begin with a special blend of pastry flours, a dough recipe created years ago for a superior flavor—an integral part of our success for over 50 years.

To enhance the consumer experience, we offer a variety of cookie doughs—such as cocoa, cinnamon and vanilla—and a variety of colors.